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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> flash flooding leaves drivers trapped. flooded streets and a lot of houses with water damage. hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. tonight's rain caused a lot of damage elsewhere. reporter matt jablow live in the bloomingdale neighborhood with the latest. >> reporter: bruce, a river runs through it again. that was the headline again
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tonight in this waterlogged section of the district. for a few hours tonight, a two- block section of rhode island avenue northwest could easily have passed for parts of the hurricane-battered gulf coast. >> within this one block, it's a valley. it's where all the rain comes and floods out all the basement apartments. >> reporter: the intense downpours, the deluge of northern parts of the district earlier this afternoon had an especially damage effect between first and third streets on rhode island avenue where several cars were stranded in several feet of water and where one driver had to be he's skewed by the fire department -- rescued by the fire department. >> resident eric miller said major flooding here is nothing new. in fact, he said it's becoming a pretty regular, though extremely annoying part of life. >> every time there's a rainstorm, people are like brace for impact because a storm is coming, whether it's one or six inches, it doesn't
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matter. people get really, really frustrated about the entire thing, because we don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: miller said the city obviously knows about the problem but so far has not done anything to fix it. luckily, nobody was hurt tonight. >> the mayor has a task force supposed to be looking at that. take a look at this picture from the howard university metro station. water covering the streets. green and yellow service shut down between mt. vernon square stations. you can use the 70 bus as an alternative. anny hong, there's more on the way because of this hurricane? >> yeah, we're dealing with the remnants of isaac right now through tomorrow, through tuesday, bruce. i'm worried that flooding could get worse, especially tomorrow for labor day. in fact, right now we do have some pretty good storms coming through the d.c. metro area and into the district. you look for the oranges, theyellows, the reds. that is heavier amounts of rain coming through. we're talking rainfall rates of more than two inches an hour in
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some spots. you can see chantilly getting moderate to heavy rain. alexandria getting hit soon. the oranges and reds is rainfall two inches an hour in some spots. you can see it's crossing the beltway at 395 landmark avenue, fair lands, fra cone that. it's a very active night out there. we are expecting more showers and storms. again, heavy rain possible, lows in the 70s. winds southeast at around 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning as you're waking up, i'm not concerned about a lot of showers in the morning. maybe a couple of spots of showers. temperatures will bottom out in the 70s. by 11:00, we could see more showers and storms and as the day progresses into the afternoon and evening hours, more scattered showers and storms. don't cancel the barbecue just yet. bruce, back to you. shift gears. charlotte started to welcome
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some 35,000 people to town for the democratic national convention. the official program kicks off on tuesday. delegates are eager to talk up their candidates, president barack obama. danielle nottingham has the latest from charlotte. >> reporter: with choppers in the air and an army of security on the ground, charlotte is ready for the democrats. but just days after mitt romney and the gop put on their big show in tampa, are democrats ready for the spotlight? >> president obama needs to continue what he has been saying which is the truth. >> reporter: the romney campaign disagrees saying president obama has plenty of questions to answer. >> i think next week in charlotte, the president needs to explain why he didn't do what he said he was going to do. >> reporter: florida delegate steve says democrats will need to work harder this year because new state voter i.d. laws could keep older and minority voters away from the polls. >> i want to see him do everything possible and
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everybody here support him do everything possible to get the vote out and make sure it's there. >> reporter: president obama won north carolina in 2008 and the democrats brought their convention to charlotte to try to help him hold on to the state this year. the president is making his way here through key swing states. he appealed to students at the university of colorado on sunday. >> if you're willing to work with me and knock on some doors with me, make some phone calls with me. if you're willing to vote for me in november, we will win boulder and we will win colorado. we will win this election. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters took to the streets of charlotte sunday but the march was focused more on the big banks than on the president. danielle nottingham, cbs news, charlotte, north carolina. >> monday the convention hosts are throwing a labor day celebration for the general public to help kickoff the. the entertainment includes actor jeff bridges and singer
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james taylor. one of the most memorable moments from the republican convention was clint eastwood talking to an invisible president obama. president obama said he takes no offense. he said if you're easily offended you should probably choose another profession. it was one of the most colorful and controversial figures in all of modern times. tonight reverend sun moon passed away from complications of pneumonia. his varied career included the founding of the unification church in 1954 and the washington times here in 1982. we spoke with times president thomas tom mcdivot. earlier this evening he had time to spend with the late reverend moon. >> what i was most impressed about was his vision for media. he loved america with a passion and the proof is in his investment and involvement in
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getting an alternative media source for the nation's capitol. >> moon was known for presiding over thousands of mass weddings, leading some people to call the church a cult. church members were referred to as simply moonies. sun moon was 92 years old. a former top campaign aid to vincent gray is due in court tuesday. thomas gore will attend a status conference regarding the criminal case against him. you might recall that gore pleaded guilty to funneling under the table cash to then mayoral candidate brown in trying to cover up the retaliates. the judge on tuesday -- cover up the payments. the judge on tuesday could determine a sentencing date. as part of that plea bargain agreement, prosecutors will not ask for prison time for thomas gore. more violence in syria left four army officers wounded. also today a british human rights group says more than 5,000 people were killed in
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syria last month alone. that makes august the deadliest month since the up rising began some 17 months ago. earlier today hundreds of people rallied across from the white house calling attention to the situation in syria. the rally dubbed world silence is killing syria was sponsored by the sir ri anamerican -- syrian american council. they're calling on americans to take action to help the syrian people. can private cameras help crack down on crime in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods? georgetown a popular destination home to the rich and famous attracts a lot of crime. residents want to put up more private cameras but some wonder is it too much big brother? surae chinn tells us tonight like it or not, the cameras are on the way. >> reporter: the citizens association of georgetown will be testing it out. the group will be putting up roughly ten of their own cameras on homes and businesses to deter crime. according to metropolitan police stats thefts and assaults are up but the group
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has been calling on cameras for years. they say it's about preserving the charm of georgetown while protecting its citizens. >> crimes effect the life in georgetown unfortunately. >> reporter: diane is on a crusade for cameras in georgetown. she's a citizens association board member and on the public safety committee. >> i personally was burglarized twice when i lived around the corner. my neighbor was burglarized on this block two weeks ago. there's a lot of street crime. cars are broken into on a daily basis. >> reporter: some residents welcome having more eyes in the neighborhood. >> it makes us feel a lot safer. >> more cameras in general kind of creep me out, not knowing who's watching you, that feels a little weird. >> you feel violated? >> no -- >> we caught a few crimes. >> reporter: joe manages martin's tavern in georgetown. they've had cameras outside the restaurant for five years.
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>> if somebody's car got stolen, we have that on tape. somebody's car got a female scratch a guy's car up. >> reporter: certain guidelines will be in place when the new cameras go up. the association says video will be reviewed only if there's a crime. the washington post reports a baltimore neighborhood just signed an agreement to use cameras wired directly to the police department. under d.c. law, private citizens have more freedom with cameras than police do. i'm surae chinn for 9 news now. >> and we reached out to d.c. police about adding the private cameras and this is their response. this we believe a surveillance camera adds a level of curt to a business or privately owned home and we would encourage people to get them when feasible. still to come, isaac may have wiped out their ceiling but that's not stopping a new orleans church congregation from raising the roof this sunday. plus a fisherman comes face-
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to-face with a great white shark. why he had no reason to fear coming up a bit later.
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days after hurricane isaac first hit, more than 233,000 homes in louisiana are without power. that's about 12% of the entire
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state. in the city of la plat 30 miles west of new orleans, one church is not only without electricity, it also doesn't have a roof. that didn't stop the sunday service. ♪ he opened the door that i might be his blessing ♪ >> reporter: songs of hope and faith echoed in la plas, louisiana. they held services outside because hurricane isaac peeled the roof off the building. the doors were nearly swollen shut, and church bishop ronald franks says everything inside was ruined from the pulpit and the kitchen to his own office. >> now it's all gone. >> it's all gone, yeah. but we're still here. >> reporter: the congregation has been here for 19 years. they've never missed a subpoenaed service and refuse to let -- sunday service and refuse to let isaac break that record and their spirit. >> my faith is still in god. my faith wasn't in this building. >> reporter: the damage to the
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building and the town left this woman in tears. she said most of the church's congregation is now homeless. >> that's why i'm crying. we come here on sunday morning. you couldn't imagine the loss that we show in this little small church here. >> reporter: many of the roadways in the town are still submerged and still is the area high school. hundreds of homes were flooded but with the water receding, neighbors are now stacking their ruined possessions on their front lawns for trash collectors to pick up. >> i don't care, whatever you lose, if you've got hope, you still have something to hold on to. >> reporter: bishop frank doesn't know when he'll reopen his church, but he says it doesn't matter. they'll be right back here next sunday and each one after that. cbs news, louisiana. >> on sunday the red cross began damage assessments throughout the town to find out how many homes, businesses and government buildings the storm has damaged. live look outside right now. your labor day forecast coming up after the break.
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plus, negligence, investigative reporter tracks down violations all over the metro area in our food report. this country was built by working people.
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>> a massachusetts fisherman comes face-to-face with a giant great white shark. fortunately the 13-foot predator was already dead when it washed ashore on the beach. but its presence drew dozens of spectators. officials closed a couple of beaches in nearby rhode island as a precaution. >> it made your adrenaline come a little bit, because he's stone dead, but my god, it has jaws written all over it. >> we're going to look at its stomach to see what it's been eating and see whether it's a mature or immature male. >> i'm glad the summer is over. i don't think i'll go back in the water. >> a live great white was spotted on friday in massachusetts. officials closed beaches as swimmers had to get out of the water. in case you missed it earlier this week, we have more myself and more roaches in our food report tonight. investigative reporter russ
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shows us restaurant managers need to have a staffer on duty. >> reporter: that job is called the food protection manager. it is required. as you're about to see, restaurants that operate without one are likely to have other violations, too, and they could make you sick. red top express' coffee bar on northwest is a perfect example. besides a citation for no food safety manager inspectors reported a dirty toilet, dirty food contact points and floor, no hot water and hand washing violations. the manager said i dispute it all and hung up on me. when we came by, it was still closed. it is just down the street from m and wisconsin in the heart of georgetown, cited for 28 violations. even after a closure at ching's carryout on capitol heights, customers raved about the crabs and rice, but it's the smell and myself that alarmed
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inspectors: the prince george's health department records cite the restaurant with miles droppings all over the place including in the food, specifically in the flour and the carryout's rice. at federal center near the waterfront, regulars carry out in hand were shocked to learn inspectors suspended sal's middle eastern on c street southwest. >> i'm a frequent customer. >> what do you think? >> surprised. >> reporter: inspectors cited food at unsafe temperatures, roaches, flies and myself feces. >> all the issues you're seeing here is already resolved. that's why we reopened. >> how did it get to this place. >> because of the contract. they didn't want to come on time. >> reporter: the manager invited me inside. we didn't find any violations. at north capitol and florida northwest inspectors shut down new york pizza citing no hot water to clean, food at unsafe
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temperatures and food unprotected from contamination. prior to a closure at this gallery, mca theaters was warned about not having a food protection manager on duty at amc. at northwest, inspectors gave the same warning. despite the notice, inspectors report they closed cosi when it continued to operate without a good protection manager. they track the warnings and citations for cheese at unsafe temperatures, dirty food contact points and myself droppings, up ending some appetites. >> it kind of does. i think i'll take off now. >> reporter: back at maza galleria, inspectors suspended food at amc theaters citing no food safety manager, violations they've been warned about twice in inspections last month, while inspectors cited mold on the ice machine and debris in the movie theater's popcorn
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drawer. >> the others passed reinspection and reopened. tweet our food alert control so you can ride along and be first to know who is closed and why. we're 9 wants to know, i'm investigative reporter russ potosac, 9 news now. in gaithersburg, the annual parade gets under bay at 1:00. in kensington labor day parade and festival steps off at 10:00 a.m. starts at the intersection of st. paul and pliers mill. after that the festival gets underway at armory and howard avenues. at bus boys and bullets, 10:25 fifth street northwest from 6:00 in the evening until 8:00 to benefit the labor heritage foundation. suggested donation is $10. in downtown herndon, virginia,
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a labor day festival featuring food, music. admission is $10. $2 if you want to sam -- $20 if you want to sample the wine and microbrews. the good news is a lot of people are off tomorrow. the bad news is, the cookout may be ruined. >> that's what we're concerned about also is the fact that we could see more flooding tomorrow. now, we're not going to see widespread rain. this is not a complete washout. but i do think we'll see more active weather, especially by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, all thanks to the remnants of isaac. right now here's a look at the doppler where it's been pretty active this evening for the beltway and in the district, where we have showers and storms align the storms impacting much of the area. leesburg getting pounded right now. also the district as well. the yellow and orange showing some of the more moderate to heavy rainfall, up to two inches in some of these locations. chantilly getting light rain. you can see hey market getting pretty good rain right now.
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leesburg getting hammered. that red could be rainfall up to two inches per hour. we're looking at really good rainfall right around up towards north of leesburg. heading over to alexandria area, dale crest, this is impacting alexandera a little bit here. you're looking at pretty good rain as well. we'll see a very active night tonight. i don't expect the storms to become severe. temperatures pretty warm out there and muggy. 77 degrees. we've got moderate rainfall. winds are southwest around 6 miles per hour. right now temperatures are holding mostly in the 70s at this hour. satellite radar showing us here is isaac out to the west. still spinning here. also prompting some severe weather, including tornado watches and severe storms. we'll continue to get moisture from isaac tomorrow, tuesday, maybe into wednesday. more storms for your labor day. heavy rain possible that could
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lead to flash flooding. tuesday also wet as you're heading back into work. you will want to bring out the umbrellas. our 9 futurecast. tomorrow morning, it won't be as active. by the afternoon, storm and rain chances do increase throughout the evening as well. monday night can be pretty wet. i think for those barbecues, you might get lucky in some spots. don't cancel them just yet. just have a blackup plan. tuesday morning in some isolated spots for showers. for the afternoon as well we could see showers and thunderstorms. here's a look at your forecast for overnight. showers will hold into the 70s. and temperatures will be around lower 70s. cloudy conditions and mild with showers and storms overnight with heavy rain. all right, tomorrow for your labor day, it is a code yellow alert because of the unsettled weather. highs 83. tuesday mid-80s with more showers and storms. wednesday on keeping green may move it up to yellow p. we'll watch to see what isaac does. high around 87 for the middle of your week. check out your next seven days.
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a little warmer for thursday. then a front comes through, a cold front triggering more scattered showers and storms. friday looks like one of the better days of that seven days. 86, mostly sunny skies. the weekend temperaturewise mid- 80s. only a chance for a shower or storm. tomorrow's nats game, will it be rained out, delayed? questionable. it looks like for labor day definitely have plans to be indoors if you can, at least a backup indoor plan. >> we've been warned. coming up, dave owens is here with a preview of sports plus. stay with us.
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>> all right, welcome back. 133 games down, 29 names to go. washington stretched it out again. the bats coming alive. 27 runs through the first three games. today stephen strasburg handling the rock and doing his thing. he was good. six innings of work, nine strikeouts. his relief didn't provide much. sean burnett burned. giving up a two-run shot here. he and desmond to the rescue. game winner nats take three out of four from st. louis. >> all these games are big games. and when you play a really good opponent that's got a good chance to be in the hunt in october, i mean, you accepts it. >> a lot of nats talk coming up
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on sports plus. also, we're going to talk redskins. 53-man roster. it's set. who made it, who didn't. who we agree with, who we don't agree with. a big sports plus coming up in just a second right around the corner. lots of rain tomorrow, right? >> yeah, and watch out for flash flooding. temperatures won't be hot. that's the good news. highs in the lower 80s. definitely bring your umbrellas and maybe have that backup plan to be indoors. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good night. bye.
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